Jiusheng Electric Co., Ltd.


Two production bases: Jiusheng jurisdiction Jiusheng Electric Co。, Ltd。 (formerly Huzhou Jiusheng Electric Co。, Ltd。 ") and Zhe Jiang Jiusheng XLPE cable。 Jiusheng cable electrical safety class as the main products, production of copper and copper sheath of mineral insulated cables accounted for the lion's share of the domestic market; Zhejiang Jiang Jiusheng XLPE cable Co., Ltd. "69" is a registered trademark of 35KV and below XLPE power cables, overhead lines "Zhejiang Famous Brand".
> Jiusheng Electric

Jiusheng Electric Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in research, development, production safety class wire and cable science and technology enterprises. The company is located in the beautiful scenery of the "land of plenty", Taihu Lake --- the western suburbs of Huzhou City, Huzhou Economic Development Zone, covers an area of ​​more than 70,000 square feet, a building area of ​​50,000 square, west of Hangzhou-Nanjing Expressway, the East by 104 State Road, 40 minutes away from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, and convenient transportation.

Jiusheng Electric production of mineral insulated cables, mineral insulated heating cable, LSZH irradiation flame retardant cable, LSZH irradiation refractory cable and safety wire and cable, as well as mineral insulated heating cables, heating elements, and is now in the country set up a marketing network in major cities, is unique in the country within the cable industry, based Jiangnan radiation at home and abroad.

Jiusheng Electric has always supported the "shape the image of quality, innovation and win the future," the spirit, rely on the combination of the advantages of specialized personnel and advanced application management tools, a good cooperation with the tertiary institutions, Design and Research Institute and research institutes, as well as advanced detection capabilities, and the current has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, mineral insulated cables CQC product certification and the plastic insulated cables 3C certification in China's cable industry in a leading position. After several years of hard and persistent efforts, the companies have a full product support capabilities, outstanding technical support forces and complete value-added services, products widely used in the key state projects as well as electric power, aviation, railway, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy other industries, are exported to over 10 countries and regions, and to provide a good service for many companies, and praise by the user.

Jiusheng Electric has consistently abide by the credibility and honesty. The principle of "innovative, standardized, robust, and the beginning of the establishment is classified as advanced manufacturing base in Huzhou City, has good conditions for cooperation and broad prospects for development.


> Jiusheng crosslinking

Jiusheng Electric subsidiary - Zhe Jiang Jiusheng XLPE cable (of Lanxi cable plant) is the two state enterprises, a sophomore professional wire and cable manufacturers。 Machinery Industry key enterprises in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, the largest scale and the best value for money, one, Zhejiang Province faith demonstration enterprise, Zhejiang Province, "Civilization", railway and petrochemical system the sentinel of wire and cable manufacturers.

The company was founded in 1969, and in 2000 reorganized as a limited liability company (private)。 In order to enhance market competitiveness and risk-resisting ability, and the path of the strong cooperation enterprise development. 2007, with the largest original mineral insulated cables producers ------ Huzhou Jiusheng Electric Co。, Ltd。 joint venture companies complement。 The company registered capital of 35。58 million yuan; With total assets of 198 million, 10,408 million yuan in fixed assets; covers an area of ​​185,300 square meters, 52,000 square meters of building area。 Existing staff of 557 people, of which more than 160 professional and technical personnel; types of production equipment more than 600 sets. The annual production capacity equivalent to 20,000 tons of copper conductor, the annual output value of 600 million yuan or more.

The company insists that rely on scientific and technological progress, continuing to raise the level of equipment and technology, and is fully equipped with cable production capacity of the the three crosslinking way of chemical crosslinking, irradiation crosslinked silane crosslinking. Main production XLPE power cables, overhead insulated cables, ACSR, aluminum wire, all-plastic power cables, control cables, polyethylene insulated composite cable retardant refractory series cable, rare earth aluminum wire, elevator cable, the five core cable, civil plastic lines。 Registered trademarks of wire and cable for the "69" brand (after the photo), won the "Zhejiang Famous Brand" title.

In recent years, the work of corporate management board level, especially in the quality of management, following the 1997 through the ISO9000 quality management system standard certification, quality management system standard, mandatory 3C certification system run continued effective.

Rely on scientific and technological progress, the implementation of systems engineering, through continuous improvement to meet customer demand, "the company's quality policy;

"Unity, pragmatic, efficient, progressive" spirit of enterprise of the Company。
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